“Comparing Gideon’s Army to Elvis is the only feasible way I can allude just how monstrously sexy the Southern Rock band are. The New York band use Classic styling against their contemporary synergy, in short, their music wouldn’t be out of place on a ‘Songs to Strip to’ compilation CD. Perhaps I’m getting a little carried away by Gideon’s Army’s sound, but who doesn’t melt at the sound of soul-crunching riffs and dirty Rock n Roll vocals? King Of The League was the band’s latest album brought out in January 2016, I personally see it as a crime that they’re not using their show stopping talent to treat fans to their uniquely vibrant sound. I don’t think begging is beneath me. Anyway, if you’re looking for a fresh hit of the same iconic sound as previously exuded by the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty, you don’t want to miss out on this track.” A&R factory March 12th, 2018

“Gideon’s Army have done it again.  This time, the tempo is slowed down to a languid pace, but Robert Bray’s vocals remind me more and more of John Cale’s solo stuff, especially on Fear or Helen of Troy or Nick Drake and Nick Cave melded together.  This is great music.  I thought their faster-paced music was great, but the slowness and depth on “Red Lips” is over-the-top gorgeous.  Don’t come join Gideon’s Army if you want clean, over-produced pop.  But, if you like kick-ass dirty rock ‘n’ roll, join Gideon’s Army now.” Audio Fuzz July 27th, 2016

“All in all, music lovers of all kinds need to check out King of the League. Whatever your musical tastes, Robert has brilliantly explored a wide variety of sounds on his second album.” Voice Magazine July 15th, 2016

Gideon’s Army has released a new album called King of the League that feels like a mix of rockabilly and indie rock, with a touch a punk thrown in now and then.” Soundwaves Review July 7th, 2016

“This is where Gideon’s Army comes onto the scene, with their latest album King of the League. It’s a return to Southern rock’s heyday, when bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 Special, and the Allman Brothers dominated the genre. It’s one of the bands that I anticipate will be the savior of the genre. While they are somewhat ironically based in New York, Gideon’s Army shows no sign of being out-of-touch when it comes to the genre of Southern rock. Their passion-filled guitar solos, gritty vocals, and noticeable blues and soul influence show a true connection with this type of music. It isn’t easy to lead a musical revolution. Few attempt to undertake it. However, it’s the bands that don’t even intend to start a revolution that end up paving the way. If Gideon’s Army continues writing great music, they might be pleasantly surprised to find themselves in that position. And King of the League may be the album that puts them there.” Indie Band Guru June 27th, 2016

“‘Don’t Mind’ was the first single and one of twelve good old rock’n’roll tracks on the album. Songs drift across a number of genres, some reminiscent of an early Bruce Springsteen, other steeped in southern rock vibes, and even a more modern and fresh indie rock feel. Robert Bray has a natural rock singers voice, he can hit the right notes, come across mean and gritty and on the song ‘Valentina’ there is even a slight hint of Morrissey. All in all this is one solid album with a good number of stand out tracks. Rock music fans would do well to spend a little while checking Gideon’s Army out.” Beehive Candy June 14, 2016

“‘Don’t Mind’ is an upbeat energetic rock track with an anthem like chorus and slick guitar solos. Bray shows us a grittier more dynamic side to his voice in this track. With light bouncy drums and slick lustrous guitars this song is sure to get everyone up and dancing in no time.” Indie Buddie May 27, 2016

“We get a lot of varied sounds here at Music Unlabeled, but there is something homey about a good southern rock sound that I just can’t explain. Which is why I found it easy to fall in love with this track from Gideon’s Army. Slow and steady, this track drags you in gently. However, despite it’s slower pacing, the song is burning with energy and holds the attention incredibly well. It comes to life with it’s evocative language, painting the story against your ear drums with every single note. It’s a track that’s easy to get lost in, easy to drown in, and easy to follow through to the end over and over. With drawling vocals and steady instruments, this song was almost instantly on repeat. All in all? This is a fantastic single, and it made it easy for me to fall in love with the group’s sound. A great introduction, I definitely think you should go and listen to this track immediately, as well as keep an eye out for the rest of the album later this month.” Music Unlabeled  May 5, 2016

“You can’t help but be held captive by his powerful vocals as he brings to life his emotions through his music. He has just released a new single, Devil of Ramadi and you can check it out here” Music Junkie Press May 4, 2016

“This week’s first track exclusive is a slice of languid, anthemic Southern rock from New York-based musical collective Gideon’s Army.” Songwriting Magazine May 3, 2016

“You can certainly hear swirls of Bray’s more famous influences, which he counts as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Kings of Leon, on the track, his raspy voice beckoning you to ride with him…” Elmore Magazine Apr 5, 2016

“New York City might seem like the last place you’d look to hear various strains of Southern rock ‘n’ roll. But listening to the work of New York-based outfit Gideon’s Army, you hear the swelter and humidity that can only come from someone who completely understands the rhythms and substance of classic Southern rock.” Mar 1, 2016

“Bray’s voice maintains a quiet fervor amid a cluster of shimmering guitar chords and thumping percussion. There’s nothing overwrought, though—it’s meticulous and wonderfully executed, all lean emotion and memorable melodies. That’s what he does best, combining an ear for how a song should sound in order to evoke certain perspectives with the ability to tap into a dozen genres at will. It can take some artists their entire careers to have this kind of understanding, but Bray makes it seem effortless.” March 1, 2016

“Those looking for a hand-clapping, foot-stomping good time should look no further than this New York City-based collective’s approach to southern rock ‘n roll. Fronted by guitarist and vocalist Robert Bray, Gideon’s Army currently has music blogs buzzing about their newest single, “Don’t Mind.” The release will appear on their upcoming album, King of the League” Feb 15, 2016

“When Gideon’s Army frontman Rob Bray says he’s finally in his dream project – it’s impossible to disagree after one listen to the band’s latest tunes – songs that drip with southern rock swagger and punches of blues, country and classic rock n’ roll.” Feb 7, 2016

“Do you miss the Allman Brothers, Blackfoot, Black Oak Arkansas?  I do.  The true Southern Rock without frills and agenda.  I love Gideon’s Army.  They offer the best of rock ‘n’ roll with that southern twang.  They remind me of a more mature Georgia Satellites… This is great music to see in a dive bar with a bottle of Southern Comfort by your side.  With music like this, the walls of Jericho are a cinch to knock down.” Jan 14, 2016

“From New York we find melodic hard rockers Gideon’s Army who have a very good new CD out called ‘Burn for the Living’ that is well worth checking out. The band are based around the multi-talented Rob Bray – Frontman/Guitar/Vox” – Fireworks Magazine Jan 2016

“Gideon’s Army which is the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Robert Bray is delivering a much needed dose of southern infused rock.” – Music Junkie Press Dec 31st, 2015